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Weekend Report, October 22, 2012

The Paranormal phenomenon continues, with yet another P.A. film opening at #1 two weeks before Halloween. In spite of taking the top spot for the weekend, however, the revenue on Paranormal Activity 4 is way down from Paranormal Activity 3, suggesting either that people are no longer scared of security cam footage or audiences figure this will soon just be another Saw and have stopped caring. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck may not only have made an Oscar-caliber film in Argo, but he may have made the call-a-sitter date night flick of the season (at least until Skyfall comes along). Argo's strong second week has definitely ratified the film's very positive word of mouth. Hotel Transylvania and Taken 2 are both performing extremely well. The same cannot be said of the Tyler Perry crossover vehicle Alex Cross. This WME package matched Mr. Perry with the material of the hugely popular crime novelist James Patterson, and the trick may not have worked—Alex Cross underperformed against typical Perry fare, and will be hard pressed to rebound.

Paranormal Activity 4: $30.2M

Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman
CAA - Rowena Arguelles

Katie Featherston
APA - Ryan Martin
New Wave - Paul Brown

Kathryn Newton
Innovative Artists - Abby Bluestone
Alchemy Entertainment - Allen Grifka


Argo: $16.6M

Ben Affleck
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Alan Arkin
ICM Partners - Hildy Gottlieb
Prinipal Entertainment - Estelle Lasher

Bryan Cranston
UTA - Brett Hansen


Hotel Transylvania: $13.5M

Genndy Tartakovsky
WME - Jeff Gorin

Adam Sandler
WME - Adam Venit
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Sandy Wernick

Andy Samberg
UTA - Jay Gassner
Mosaic - Julie Darmody


Taken 2: $13.4M

Olivier Megaton
WME - Robert Newman

Liam Neeson
CAA - Chris Andrews

Maggie Grace
UTA - Chris Hart


Alex Cross: $11.8M

Rob Cohen
WME - Rob Carlson

Tyler Perry
WME - Charles King

Matthew Fox
WME - Boomer Malkin
Management 360 - Bill Choi


Source: Box Office Mojo