Notes from the Rep Biz - 3-23-2018

Social media stars to CAA, a bunch of agent moves at UTA, and an Olympic curler gets Hollywood representation! All this and more in today’s edition of Notes from the Rep Biz…

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Box Office Round Up - 3-19-2018

For the fifth consecutive week Black Panther dominated the box office. Coming in number one with a $27 million take this weekend. The film is the third film in history to be number one over five straight weeks; Avatar and The Sixth Sense are the other two. Panther is the seventh film to gross over $600 million at the domestic box office and is $18 million shy of toppling The Avengers from the highest grossing superhero film of all time – a feat it will definitely hit by next weekend.

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Notes from the Rep Biz - 3-16-2018

Box Office Round Up - 3-12-2018

Black Panther continues its reign over the box office taking number one again for the fourth consecutive week with a $41 million haul. It is now the second highest grossing superhero film of all time under The Avengers. The film has now cracked a total of $1 billion – and I continue to gleefully say, “I told you so” to anyone who will listen.

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Notes from the Rep Biz - 3-9-2018

A country music legend signs with WME, a major TV writer-producer to CAA, an Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker to ICM — all this and more in this edition of Notes from the Rep Biz!

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Box Office Round Up - 3-5-2018

Black Panther continued to kick ass and take names as it took number one for the third consecutive week with $66 million. Shattering some more records this weekend -- the third fastest film to reach $500 million domestic, the tenth largest grossing domestic film of all time, third highest grossing comic book adaptation, and number 47 in the highest grossing films of all time. Expect the film to hit $1 billion world wide in the next couple weeks, and my gloating to become insufferable (if it hasn’t already).

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Notes from the Rep Biz - 3-2-2018

Two actresses to WME, a news anchor to CAA, legendary comedy director to ICM, three new managers…all this and more in another edition of Notes from the Rep Biz!

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Box Office Round Up - 2-26-2018

Black Panther continued its historic run at the box office this weekend taking number one again with a $108 million haul. This makes it the second fastest film to make $400 million domestic, the second largest second weekend of all time, and the fifth highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

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Notes from the Rep Biz - 2-23-2018

A Sundance breakout filmmaker signs with WME, a Brooklyn 99 star and a Tony winner both head to ICM, and a Lucifer star goes to Paradigm. Welcome to Friday and another edition of Notes from the Rep Biz!
Jennifer Fox director, writer and producer of the Sundance breakout The Tale has signed with David Karp and Erin Junkin. Fox’s harrowing autobiographical film about her history of sexual abuse was sold to HBO in one of the biggest deals at Sundance.

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FRANCHISED - What's Next After Black Panther?

In the state of California an agent must be franchised. In the entertainment business a movie doesn’t have to be a franchise…but it seems like they all are. This is our monthly dive into franchises and the reps who put them together.

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