Weekend Report October 15, 2012

It may be the case that a team of CIA agents once posed as a film crew to extract American citizens from Revolutionary Tehran, but the CIA should know better than to tangle with Bryan Mills. Liam Neeson's second time around as the retired operative who only feels alive when he's saving his family from international thugs continues to rough up the box office, holding the top spot for a second week in a row. Ben Affleck's Argo, based on a true story and skewing somewhat more mature, acquitted itself very well by coming in second—and he's got all awards season to build buzz. The weekend's big disappointment was Here Comes the Boom, which was relying on Kevin James' considerable charm to lure audiences despite a pretty shaky premise (even for a Kevin James movie), and fell flat with $12M.

Taken 2: $22.5M

Olivier Megaton
WME - Robert Newman

Liam Neeson
CAA - Chris Andrews

Maggie Grace
UTA - Chris Hart


Argo: $20.1M

Ben Affleck
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Alan Arkin
ICM Partners - Hildy Gottlieb
Prinipal Entertainment - Estelle Lasher

Bryan Cranston
UTA - Brett Hansen


Sinister: $18.2M

Scott Derrickson
WME - Adrianna Alberghetti
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - David McIlvain

Ethan Hawke
CAA - Bryan Lourd

Juliet Rylance
Gersh - Rhonda Price
United Agents (UK) - Lindy King


Hotel Transylvania: $17.3M

Genndy Tartakovsky
WME - Jeff Gorin

Adam Sandler
WME - Adam Venit
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Sandy Wernick

Andy Samberg
UTA - Jay Gassner
Mosaic - Julie Darmody


Here Comes the Boom: $12M

Frank Coraci
ICM Partners - Doug Johnson
Management 360 - Daniel Rappaport

Kevin James
WME - Adam Venit
Jeff Sussman Management

Salma Hayek
CAA - Jim Toth
Management 360 - Suzan Bymel & Evelyn O'Neill


Source: Box Office Mojo