Weekend Report, November 12, 2012

There are so many puns. Skyfall Windfall. America "Skyfell" for Bond. Skyfall's the Limit. Any way you word it, "Bond 23" was the biggest opening for the entire franchise, and a shot in the arm for embattled MGM. Otherwise, there were no new additions to the top five grossing pictures, as Wreck-It Ralph, Flight, Argo and Taken 2 continued to perform well.


Skyfall: $87.8M

Sam Mendes
CAA - Beth Swofford

Daniel Craig
CAA - Chris Andrews

Javier Bardem
WME - Elyse Scherz


Wreck-It Ralph: $33.1M

John C. Reilly
WME - Sharon Jackson
Framework Entertainment - Peg Donegan

Sarah Silverman
CAA - Rick Kurtzman
Thruline Entertainment - Amy Zvi

Jack McBrayer
UTA - Jo Yao


Flight: $15.1M

Robert Zemeckis
CAA - Richard Lovett

Denzel Washington
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Melissa Leo
CAA - Tracy Brennan
Untitled Entertainment - Greg Clark


Argo: $6.75M

Ben Affleck
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Alan Arkin
ICM Partners - Hildy Gottlieb
Prinipal Entertainment - Estelle Lasher

Bryan Cranston
UTA - Brett Hansen


Taken 2: $4M

Olivier Megaton
WME - Robert Newman

Liam Neeson
CAA - Chris Andrews

Maggie Grace
UTA - Chris Hart

Source: Box Office Mojo