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Weekend Report, November 11, 2013

Young Ender Wiggin was forced to step aside for a superhero who is all grown up. Thor: The Dark World hammered its way to $86.1M for its opening weekend, proving that the Avengers brand is alive and well (not that there was much doubt). After Thor, there was nearly a three-way tie for second, with Ender's Game coming in fifth. While this is the season for prestige releases, Thor reminds us that there are still some major  2013blockbusters yet to come (cue that little Hunger Games whistle).


Thor: The Dark World: $86.1M
Allen Taylor
UTA - Peter Benedek

Chris Hemsworth
CAA - Bryan Lourd
ROAR - Will Ward

Natalie Portman
CAA - Kevin Huvane
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Aleen Keshishian


Bad Grandpa: $11.3M
Jeff Tremaine
CAA - Tony Etz

Johnny Knoxville
CAA - Jason Heyman
3 Arts - Michael Rotenberg

Jackson Nicoll
ICM Partners - Philip Grenz
Marilyn Zitner Management


Free Birds: $11.2M
Jimmy Hayward
UTA - Jeremy Zimmer

Owen Wilson
UTA - Jim Berkus

Amy Poehler
WME - Sharon Jackson
3 Arts - Dave Becky


Last Vegas: $11.1M
Jon Turteltaub
WME - Jeff Gorin
Oasis - David Lonner

Michael Douglas
WME - Ari Emanuel

Robert De Niro
CAA - Josh Lieberman


Ender's Game: $10.2M 
Gavin Hood
WME - Cliff Roberts
Anonymous - Michael Sugar

Asa Butterfield
CAA - Tracy Brennan

Harrison Ford
UTA - Jim Berkus

Source: Box Office Mojo