Weekend Report, March 11, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful was all that and then some with a killer $79.1M opening weekend. The CAA-packaged product looks to be on a great course for major paydirt. A WME packaged product that just made some box office history would be the Seth MacFarlane-Mark Wahlberg vehicle Ted, which is poised to become the highest grossing R-rated comedy internationally.

Oz the Great and Powerful: $79.1M
Sam Raimi
CAA - Craig Gering

James Franco
CAA - Kami Putnam-Heist
James/Levy Management - Miles Levy

Mila Kunis
CAA - Jeremy Plager
Curtis Talent Management - Susan Curtis


Jack the Giant Slayer: $9.84M
Bryan Singer
WME - David Wirtschafter

Nicholas Hoult
UTA - Billy Lazarus
42 - Kate Buckley (UK)

Ewan McGregor
UTA - Theresa Peters
United Agents - Ruth Young (UK)


Identity Thief: $6.33M
Seth Gordon
WME - Theresa Kang
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Brad Petrigala & Missy Malkin

Melissa McCarthy
CAA - Jason Heyman
The Schiff Co. - Christian Donatelli

Jason Bateman
CAA - Rick Kurtzman


Dead Man Down: $5.35M
Niels Arden-Oplev
Resolution - Jeff Berg

Colin Farrell
CAA - Jack Whigham

Noomi Rapace
Magnolia Entertainment - Shelley Browning


Snitch: $5.1M
Ric Roman Waugh
WME - Rich Cook
Management 360 - Guymon Casady & Darin Friedman

Dwayne Johnson
WME - Ari Emanuel

Susan Sarandon
ICM Partners - Meredith Wechter


Source: Box Office Mojo