Weekend Report, June 3, 2013

Even amidst the hoopla of tentpole season, viewers can still be drawn in by a smaller film with a smart premise (and very savvy marketing). Enter The Purge, which most likely went into the black on opening weekend with an outstanding $36.4M take. Fast & Furious 6 held strong for the number two spot, and Now You See Me continued its upstart run, finishing a very close third. The Internship performed just about as well as a movie being released five or six years too late (and not well marketed) can be expected to perform, arriving in fourth place.


The Purge: $36.4M

James DeMonaco
UTA - Charlie Ferraro

Ethan Hawke
CAA - Peter Levine
The Schiff Company - David Schiff

Lena Headey
CAA - Jimmy Darmody
TMT Entertainment Group - Tina Thor


Fast & Furious 6: $19.8M

Justin Lin
CAA - Todd Feldman

Paul Walker
UTA - Theresa Peters
Luber Roklin Entertainment - Matt Luber

Vin Diesel
CAA - Bryan Lourd
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Stacy O'Neil


Now You See Me: $19.5M

Louis Leterrier
CAA - Scott Greenberg
Management 360 - Guymon Casady

Jesse Eisenberg
CAA - Michael Kives

Mark Ruffalo
UTA - Billy Lazarus
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Aleen Keshishian


The Internship: $18M

Shawn Levy
WME - Adam Venit

Vince Vaughn
CAA - Jason Heyman

Owen Wilson
UTA - Jim Berkus


Epic: $12.1M

Chris Wedge
UTA - Jeremy Zimmer

Colin Farrell
CAA - Josh Lieberman

Amanda Seyfried
Innovative Artists - Abby Bluestone



Source: Box Office Mojo