Weekend Report, June 17, 2013

While there has been enough griping in both the cinephile and fanboy spheres to prove you can't please everyone, Man of Steel should please Warner Bros. pretty well after a $125M opening. Stealing second place was the apocalypse comedy This Is the End, while Now You See Me continues to impress by hanging on against flashy newcomers.

Man of Steel: $125M
Zack Snyder
CAA - Todd Feldman

Henry Cavill
CAA - Michael Cooper

Amy Adams
WME - Michelle Bohan
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Stacy O'Neil


This Is the End: $32.8M
Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
UTA - Blair Kohan
Principal Entertainment - Marsha McManus (Rogen)

James Franco
CAA - Kami Putnam-Heist
James/Levy Management - Miles Levy

Jonah Hill
WME - Sharon Jackson


Now You See Me: $10.3M
Louis Leterrier
CAA - Scott Greenberg
Management 360 - Guymon Casady

Jesse Eisenberg
CAA - Michael Kives

Mark Ruffalo
UTA - Billy Lazarus
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Aleen Keshishian


Fast & Furious 6: $9.43M
Justin Lin
CAA - Todd Feldman

Paul Walker
UTA - Theresa Peters
Luber Roklin Entertainment - Matt Luber

Vin Diesel
CAA - Bryan Lourd
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Stacy O'Neil


The Purge: $8.2M
James DeMonaco
UTA - Charlie Ferraro

Ethan Hawke
CAA - Peter Levine
The Schiff Company - David Schiff

Lena Headey
CAA - Jimmy Darmody
TMT Entertainment Group - Tina Thor

Source: Box Office Mojo