Weekend Report, December 3, 2012

If the list below looks awfully similar to last week's Top 5 that's because, save for lower numbers from a non-holiday weekend, it is exactly the same. What does this mean? Well, it means that the Brad Pitt vehicle Killing Them Softly didn't do so hot at $7M. It also means that Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Skyfall are bona fide monsters, and Lincoln and Life of Pi are no pushovers.

Rise of the Guardians, while sticking around, is still underperforming—it already had the odds stacked against it with people thinking it was a sequel to Legend of the Guardians (it's not), and then this past week writer/director James Gunn was vilified for off-putting comments surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy, which is still in development. So, whatever issues the film may have, this is a tough time to be a "guardian."

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2: $17.4M

Bill Condon
WME - David Lubliner
Anonymous Content - Adam Schulman

Robert Pattinson
WME - Stephanie Ritz
3 Arts Entertainment - Nick Frenkel

Kristen Stewart
Gersh - Ken Kaplan


Skyfall: $17M

Sam Mendes
CAA - Beth Swofford

Daniel Craig
CAA - Chris Andrews

Javier Bardem
WME - Elyse Scherz


Lincoln: $13.5M

Steven Spielberg
CAA - Richard Lovett

Daniel Day-Lewis
Julian Belfrage Associates - Victoria Belfrage
Parseghian/Planco - Gene Parseghian

Sally Field
CAA - Jeremy Plager
The Hofflund Company - Judy Hofflund


Rise of the Guardians: $13.5M

Peter Ramsey
UTA - Andrew Cannava

Chris Pine
CAA - Kevin Huvane
John Carrabino Management

Hugh Jackman
WME - Patrick Whitesell


Life of Pi: $12M

Ang Lee
CAA - Carin Sage

Suraj Sharma
Slate - Jennifer Plante (publicist)

Irrfan Khan
Gersh - David DeCamillo
Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Jai Khanna


Source: Box Office Mojo