Weekend Report, August 5, 2013

It was a 2 Guns salute for the the first weekend in August, with the action pic pulling in a solid $27.4M to take first place. Holdover The Wolverine could not retain its spot at #1, while The Smurfs 2, the other major new release of the weekend, limped into third place. Both 2 Guns and The Wolverine are top-loaded with WME clients, which no doubt has the agency feeling good as the dog days of August approach.

2 Guns: $27.4M

Baltasar Kormakur
WME - Rich Cook
Management 360 - Jill McElroy

Denzel Washington
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Mark Wahlberg
WME - Ari Emanuel
Leverage - Stephen Levinson


The Wolverine: $21.7M

James Mangold
WME - Phil Raskind
Management 360 - Daniel Rappaport

Hugh Jackman
WME - Patrick Whitesell

Hiroyuki Sanada
CAA - Larry Galper
Lighthouse Entertainment - Steven Siebert


The Smurfs 2: $18.2M

Raja Gosnell
WME - Dan Aloni

Neil Patrick Harris
CAA - Joe Machota
The Booh Schut Company - Booh Schut

Katy Perry
CAA - Nick Styne


The Conjuring: $13.7M

James Wan
Paradigm - Scott Henderson
Stacey Testro International - Stacey Testro

Patrick Wilson
CAA - Rick Kurtzman
Anonymous Content - Tony Lipp

Vera Farmiga
CAA - Kevin Huvane
Authentic Talent & Literary - Jon Rubinstein


Despicable Me 2: $10.4M

Steve Carell
WME - Michelle Bohan
Media Four - Steve Sauer

Kristen Wiig
UTA - Josh Katz
Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment - Naomi Odenkirk

Russell Brand
WME - Adam Venit
Anonymous Content - Doug Wald, Eli Selden & Michael Sugar

Source: Box Office Mojo