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WhoRepresents.com is a user-friendly subscription site that provides contact information for a wide range of artists and athletes via their professional representatives. We've been in business since 2001, and our subscribers include a great many of the agencies, management companies, PR and law firms we list in our database. In addition, we service major media companies such as NBCUniversal, Paramount and Disney, diverse publications such as Entertainment Weekly, InStyle and the Wall Street Journal, as well as powerful brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and many more. Our subscribers also include development and event divisions at such charitable organizations as the United Way, the Humane Society of the United States and charity:water.

About Our Subscriptions:

  • Celebrity Subscription: This database includes representatives and clients working in film, television and other related media, as well as musicians and athletes who have crossed over into acting.
  • Music Subscription: This database lists representatives and clients working in the music industry.
  • Sports Subscription: This database lists representatives and clients working in the sports industry.


The initial fee for a personal subscription to WhoRepresents.com is $12.99 per month. This will grant you access to one of our three databases. The more you access add, the more save - two databases is $19.98 per month, all three are only $26.97. You select a subscription level at sign up, but you can also add access to an existing account by clicking the "Change Subscription" link in the "My Account" page.

We offer a special annual rate of $275.00 for a personal subscription to all databases. This is a 15% discount off the already discounted price of $26.97 per month.

Multi-user corporate accounts start at $55 per month for 5 log-ins with access to a single database. The prices for corporate accounts are scaled by level of access and number of users, with packages moving in increments of 5 users up to 20, after which the number of users is unlimited. The more log-ins you buy, the lower the price per user. Subscriptions to WhoRepresents.com can be canceled at any time without penalty. For more information about cancellation, click here. To view our Terms of Service, click here.