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Deals in the News, October 17, 2012

After last year's break-out turn in Alexander Payne's award-winning The Descendents, the news that  Shailene Woodley is in consideration for a lead role in a major franchise seems almost overdue. But the young star in the making has bided her time, doing her thing on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and is now reportedly the choice for Mary Jane Watson in the sequel to Columbia/Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man. Mary Jane is, of course, Peter Parker's classic main squeeze, but in rebooting the brand for this latest incarnation, the filmmakers led off with a different love interest for Spidey, making the character of Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) the female lead. Now they will reap their reward with a juicy love triangle, in which all three characters are played by true Hollywood up and comers (Andrew Garfield being the third, naturally).

Woodley has rather interesting representation. ABC Family is not where one might have expected Alexander Payne to look for an actress to play opposite George Clooney, and at the time he cast Woodley in The Descendants  she was co-represented by veteran child actor firm The Savage Agency and mid-major Paradigm. Since you don't fix something that isn't broke (ok, not so true in Hollywood, but nonetheless), she continues to be repped by both companies today, as well as by manager Nils Larsen at Principato Young. But with Spider-Man on the horizon and Secret Life wrapping up after this season, changes to her team may come sooner than later.

Jim Carrey, the one time king of tentpole comedy, is another actor with an interesting co-representation situation. He is managed by two former business partners, Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold, whose on-again-off-again management operation went off for good in 2006. The two retain joint custody over Carrey, who counts both Miller's Mosaic Media and Gold's The Gold Company among his reps. Carrey did recently change agencies, however, following Dan Aloni from CAA to WME. So what's the latest for the erstwhile Fire Marshall BIll? He is reportedly attached to Loomis Fargo, a comedy to be directed by Napoleon Dynamite creator Jared Hess, from a script that's been through the studio ringer, but still has promise. Carrey would play the ringleader of a group of idiot theives who manage to steal $17 million from an armored truck. We will hope for the best.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety