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Joe Biden: ‘I Am Going to Run in 2020’
Vice President Joe Biden left open the possibility that he may run for president in 2020. “I am going to run in 2020,” Biden jokingly told reporters on Monday when asked about his politi...
5 ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes Inspired by Real Life (Photos)
Netflix’s “Black Mirror” is a dark satire that explores how technology affects our humanity. It makes its points through exaggeration — but not too much exaggeration. Some of t...
Tim Roth Reveals He Was Sexually Abused by His Grandfather: ‘He Was a F–king Rapist’
If you’re dreading your own family reunion this holiday season, consider what Tim Roth grew up dealing with. In an interview with U.K. newspaper The Guardian published Sunday, the “Reserv...
'Duck Dynasty' Producers Put on Leave at ITV Amid Fraud Investigation (Exclusive)
The news comes four years after the U.K. TV giant bought the independent production company best known for 'Duck Dynasty.'read more
'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Sting ('Jim: The James Foley Story')
The 65-year-old rock star reflects on how he got his nickname ("It was derisory"), why he disbanded The Police ("My intuition was telling me that that was the thing to do") and how, over Thanksgiving ...
‘Old Stone’ Exclusive Clip: Johnny Ma’s Debut Film Follows a Kafkaesque Journey Into Chinese Bureaucracy
The film follows a cab driver who tries to do the right thing and only receives devastation in return.
Donald Trump’s Foundation Gets Shaken in Mad Magazine’s ‘Dumbest People’ Issue
We suspect that even Alfred E. Neuman is at least a little worried about Donald Trump’s presidency, but that isn’t stopping Mad magazine from taking a shot at the president-elect as he pre...
Lengthy Ambitions: ‘Goldbricks In Bloom’ Director Danny Sangra Explains His Jump From Shorts to Features
"If anything, my short films taught me how to make commercials," said the director, whose satirical debut feature is available on Vimeo.
Explosive New 'Celebrity Apprentice' Poster Burns Old Boardroom to the Ground
The Donald Trump era appears to be over.read more
‘Gary Owen Family’ Star Gary Owen StudioWrap Portraits (Photos)
Comedian Gary Owen stops by StudioWrap for an exclusive interview and photo shoot
'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Teaser Tops 81 Million Views in 24 Hours
The trailer becomes Marvel's biggest teaser ever and is the second-most-watched trailer of any kind after 'Captain America: Civil War.'read more
Entercom's Marketing Chief Wants to Turn Up the Volume on Madison Avenue
Specs Current gig Chief marketing officer, Entercom Communications Previous gig Executive vice president of corporate marketing, Univision Age 55 Twitter @ruthscoop Adweek: Why the mov...
Why the Ad Industry Job Market Is Tougher Than Ever for Senior Employees
The advertising industry has a diversity problem. That much is no longer in dispute as a growing number of clients either suggest or insist that their teams employ more women and people of color. ...
How Brands Like Squatty Potty Are Making the Infomercial Fun Again
There's a common thread that runs through Ron Popeil, Billy Mays, a motor-mouthed gal with a mortifying case of adult acne and a handsome prince whose sidekick is a pooping unicorn. It's ...
This Shop Helps Big Brands Reach Millennials With Purpose-Driven Marketing
Specs Who Joseph Anthony, founder What Full-service ad agency Where New York Hero Group's founder Joseph Anthony—who landed his first agency gig at J. Walter Thompso...
Trevor Noah Warns Against Extremism in Post-Trump US: ‘Divided People Are Easier to Rule’
Trevor Noah is warning the American public of the dangers of becoming more divided in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. In an op-ed Monday for The New York Times, the host of Comedy Central...
‘Kiss Me, Kill Me’ Exclusive Trailer: A West Hollywood Man Is Accused of Murdering His Unfaithful Boyfriend In Sexy Thriller
The film stars four-time Emmy nominee Van Hansis and "Queer as Folk's" Gale Harold.
All 13 ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes Ranked, From Eerie to Horrifying (Photos)
Every episode of Netflix’s brilliant “Black Mirror,” about how technology reflects and distorts our real lives, is a little scary. But some will just nag your conscience, and others ...
‘Little People Big World': Game Night Gets Weird When Amy Visits Matt (Exclusive Video)
Amy feels like a stranger on her own farm. On Tuesday’s “Little People Big World,” the family matriarch visits ex-husband Matt’s building for a game night with the kids. Unfort...
#PizzaGate: 4 Things You Need to Know About Fake-News Freakout Du Jour
#PizzaGate is the latest fake-news freakout, highlighting the particular dangers when fictitious items on the Internet use real names but not real facts. This came to light on Sunday when a gunshot w...