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Fergie aka Stacy Ferguson

Fergie aka Stacy Ferguson

Fergie also known as Stacy Ferguson is a singer, songwriter, designer, and actress who was born on March 27, 1975 in Hacienda Heights, California. Fergie studied dancing at a young age and did voice over work for a few cartoons. She landed her first recurring television role in the TV show Kids Incorporated in 1984. Later on, she became a member of a trio called Wild Orchid which she released 3 albums with before leaving them and later joining the group The Black Eyed Peas. Fergie appeared in multiple albums as a member of the group. She released her debut album The Dutchess in 2006. Fergie has also acted in various other series and films. She has won numerous awards including 3 American Music Awards and 8 Grammy Awards.

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