Review: 'The Raid 2' Is One of the Great Action Films of Recent Memory
When the Indonesian martial arts movie "The Raid: Redemption" began making the rounds at film festivals back in 2011, it gained instant popularity for its frenetic choreography, and became an impressi...
Fox, Twitter Study Says Tweets Encourage Viewing – and Boost Advertisers
A new study funded by a TV network and Twitter found that TV and Twitter go great together — not just by getting viewers to watch shows, but by getting them to embrace products promoted by the s...
Revamped Singapore Festival Stresses SE Asian Credentials
New umbrella event in dates clash with CineAsia
TV Review: PBS’ ‘The Story of the Jews,’ ‘Your Inner Fish’
PBS has acquired a patina of cool since “Downton Abbey” and “Sherlock” arrived, but public television can’t — and probably shouldn’t — shed its stodgy image. Cases in point are a pair ...
Disney India Greenlights ‘Mahabharata’ Movie
Disney India has revealed plans for a two-part live-action film version of the mythological epic.
Justin Bieber Makes Tobacco Companies Swoon With James Dean-Inspired Instagram (Photo)
Justin Bieber continued to pose as an ample role model for his young fans over the weekend by posting a “James Dean-inspired” picture of himself with a cigarette in his mouth. But don'...
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Lawsuit Claims Buyers of '80s, '90s Hits Getting Inferior Re-Recordings
The proposed class action demands at least $5 million in damages over consumers being misled into buying non-original more
‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Sends Wolverine Back in Time to Save Mutant-Kind (Video)
“Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change who we are and unite?” Professor Xavier wonders aloud in opening of brand new “X-Men: Days of Future Past” trailer. ...
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BBC's 'The Voice UK' Hits Season-Low Ratings With First Live Show
The average audience of 6.2 million for the first live episode of season three was up from the previous season more
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Gwar Frontman Dead at 50
UPDATED: Dave Brockie, known to fans as Oderus Urungus, was found dead at his Richmond, Va., home on Sunday evening. read more
Apple Shares Rise After Report About Comcast TV-Partnership Talks
Shares of Apple opened Monday up 1% after the Wall Street Journal reported that the company is in early discussions with Comcast about a streaming-TV service delivered over the cable giant’s inf...
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Alfred Molina to Co-Star in El Rey's Kurtzman/Orci Drama 'Matador' (Exclusive)
He'll play a soccer team owner and member of an elite group of powerful global players in the upstart network's second more
The Rock's ‘Hercules’ Look Revealed In First Full Movie Pics (Photo)
Finally, The Rock has come back to ancient Greece. Following the total flop of Kellan Lutz's outing as the legendary warrior, Dwayne Johnson and director Brett Ratner are working to ramp up excite...
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Benedict Cumberbatch Lends Voice to Jaguar's '#GoodToBeBad' Ad (Video)
The XFR Growler commercial follows the car company's spy-themed Super Bowl spot featuring Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark more
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John Singleton Says Studios 'Ain't Letting Black People Tell Stories,' Unveils Tupac Biopic Plans (Video)
As part of "The Hollywood Masters" interview series, the director criticizes "so-called liberals" in the studios and adds: "You’ve got a lot of black executives at the studio who are afraid to give ...
'The Good Wife' Creators Robert and Michelle King Explain The Reasoning Behind Last Night's Huge Twist
If you haven't watched "Dramatics, Your Honor," the March 23rd episode of "The Good Wife," you may want to skip this one. But everyone who did tune in to the promised epic installment of the CBS ...
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MIPTV: 'Layer Cake' Writer J.J. Connolly to Adapt Wilbur Smith's 'Birds of Prey' Novels for TV
Corona Pictures and FremantleMedia International have teamed up to produce the series, set in Africa during the 17th more
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Aussie Flight Disaster Film 'Deep Water' Shelved Over Eerie Resemblance to Missing Malaysia Flight
"Deep Water," a loose follow-up to hit horror movie "Bait 3D," tells the story of a flight that mysteriously crashes into a remote stretch of the ocean on its way to more
Twitter Kick: TV-Related Tweets Spur Most Users to Action, Twitter and Fox Study Says
Twitter has argued that it can supercharge TV viewing, and now has more data to back that up: a new study shows that 92% of Twitter users have taken immediate an action — like tune to live TV or...
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CinemaCon Preview: Studio by Studio Guide to Big Talent, New Reveals
Channing Tatum, Cameron Diaz, Dwayne Johnson and Jon Hamm are among the names expected to take the stage during the Las Vegas more