‘Crouching Tiger’ Sequel to Shoot in New Zealand, China
'Green Destiny' to star Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen
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Coachella: Pharrell Taps Jay Z, T.I., Usher for Guest-Filled Set
An eminently likeable Saturday set was propelled by a phalanx of multi-cultural dancers, a spot-on band, and Williams' winning, charming more
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'Mad Men': Joel Murray on Freddy Rumsen's Return and His Unlikely Bond With Don Draper
The actor tells THR about his big turn during the season 7 premiere, hoping for phone calls from Matthew Weiner, gourmet prop food and his time on the Chuck Lorre gravy train. read more
New Lego Movie Hits Tribeca – But This One's a Documentary
Fans of February's big hit “The Lego Movie” won't have to wait three years for more big-screen adventures, even though the movie's sequel isn't scheduled to come out until ...
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Inside Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Reading: Director Reveals He's Writing Second Draft, With New Ending
Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, and others do a rollicking read of the leaked script in L.A., featuring many N-words, forced oral sex, and an ending that supposedly will never be repeated.rea...
Quentin Tarantino’s Still Working on ‘The Hateful Eight’
After the script of Quentin Tarantino’ s “The Hateful Eight” was leaked in January, the director said he had “no desire to make it.” Well, it’s safe to say he̵...
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Todd McCarthy on Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight': 'Samuel L. Jackson Would Have a Field Day With This'
The script, with its slangy, smart-ass dialogue, surprising associations, extended digressions and tangy flavor, is recognizably Tarantino all the way read more
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Bryan Singer's Attorney: Accuser's Witnesses are 'Liars' (Exclusive)
Michael Egan’s attorney said witnesses will place Singer at 1999 Hawaii sex parties; Singer’s attorney says they’re ‘bold face liar(s),’ and reiterates that he has documents, as well as ‘o...
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Tribeca: Scorsese's Longtime Editor Thelma Schoonmaker Dissects 'Raging Bull'
In honor of co-founder Robert DeNiro, the festival's first masterclass is devoted to the classic, with the legendary director's longtime collaborator showing clips and detailing the stories behind the...
Tribeca Docs on Government Spying: ‘What Was Illegal Under Nixon Is Legal Under Obama’
Government surveillance, abuses of power and the supression of dissent kicked into high gear after 9/11, one documentary argued at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night. But the whistleblowers w...
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'Orphan Black' Declassified: EP Breaks Down Season 2 Premiere's Big Reveals
"It was always part of the evil plan in the beginning," co-creator Graeme Manson tells THR of a vital resurrection in the closing minutes of Saturday's more
Fox Cable Networks Group Exec Fired Over Malaysia Airlines Fundraising Email
Fox Cable Networks Group exec Darlene Lieblich Tipton was fired earlier this month after using her company email address to help raise money for relatives of passengers on the doomed Malaysia Airlines...
11 of God's Biggest Hits at the Domestic Box Office (Photos)
The post 11 of God's Biggest Hits at the Domestic Box Office (Photos) appeared first on TheWrap. Related stories from TheWrap:'Heaven Is for Real' Reviews: Does the Faith-Based Film Make Believers...
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Bryan Singer Accuser's Attorney: I Have Witnesses (Exclusive)
UPDATED: Michael Egan’s lawyer says witnesses will disprove a claim that credit card receipts and other documents show that director Bryan Singer wasn’t in Hawaii at the time of alleged sexual abu...
High School Student Suspended For Having the Balls to Ask Miss America to Prom
A Pennsylvania high school student was suspended this week for having the balls to pursue the American dream of securing a prom date with Miss America herself, Nina Davuluri. 18-year-old Patrick Far...
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WonderCon: 'Godzilla' Director on 'Quiet' Marketing Effort for Monster Movie
"Quiet is the new loud," Gareth Edwards said, adding that the campaign is shifting gears as Warner Bros. prepares for May 16 release. read more
Prince Surprises Fans With New Single, ‘The Breakdown’ (Audio)
Prince released a new single called “Breakdown,” and you can listen to it for free. The music icon dropped the new tune (below) just short of midnight on Friday, the same day he announced ...
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WonderCon: No Mention of Bryan Singer at 'X-Men' Panel
Writer-producer Simon Kinberg stepped in to replace the filmmaker, who is facing allegations of sexually abusing a 17-year-old more
Miley Cyrus Postpones Bangerz Tour After Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics
A severe allergic reaction to antibiotics has forced Miley Cyrus to postpone the remaining U.S. dates on her Bangerz tour until August. According to a statement on the 21-year-old pop star's websi...
White House Responds to ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ Petition: Is This the End for Our Famous Canadian Friend?
The White House has responded to 273, 968 Americans demanding the deportation of Justin Bieber, and unfortunately for concerned citizens hoping the pop star's green card would be revoked, the U.S....