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Toronto: Keanu Reeves Set to Star in 'Daughter of God'
He'll star opposite Cuban actress Ana de Armas, whom he also appears with in Eli Roth's 'Knock Knock'read more
Venice Film Review: ‘The Golden Era’
The whens, wheres and wherefores of Chinese writer Xiao Hong's brief but influential life are exhaustively considered in Ann Hui's ambitious, lustrously mounted biopic "The Golden Era" — it's the li...
Toronto Film Review: ‘St. Vincent’
Hollywood would have to freeze over before the Catholic Church agreed to canonize the drinking, gambling, cussing old coot Bill Murray plays in Theodore Melfi’s prickly-sweet first feature, “St. V...
Toronto Film Review: ‘Nightcrawler’
As a gonzo freelance news cameraman prowling for the goriest, grizzliest scoops he can find, Jake Gyllenhaal gives such a buggy, twitchy performance that he resembles some Cronenbergian mutant in an i...
TIFF: Exclusive Photos Of Jake Gyllenhaal and More at the Indiewire/Movies on Demand Studio
Indiewire started this journey -- "this" being the adventure of producing original portrait and video interviews in partnership with photographer Daniel Bergeron and Movies On Demand -- the ...
Doha Film Institute Forges Ahead With Planned New Fest
The Doha Film Institute is forging ahead with its postponed Qumra Doha Film Festival, which is on track to have its first edition in 2015, acting CEO Fatma Al-Remaihi (pictured) confirmed in an inter...
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Toronto: Download THR's Day 2 'Daily'
In day 2 of THR's Toronto festival daily, Abel Ferrara lashes out at IFC, Chris Rock calls fame the "new cocaine" and festgoers lament a lack of awards-season buzz going into the weekendread more ...
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‘Nightcrawler’: Toronto Review
Dan Gilroy's debut feature stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a camera-wielding L.A. crime reporterread more
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'St. Vincent': Toronto Review
Meet Bill Murray, babysitterread more
Tina Fey Knows How to Remain Anonymous in Her Nude Celebrity Photos (Video)
Tina Fey wasn't among those women victimized by the celebrity nude scandal, but she talked about it during her appearance on “Late Show,” pointing out adamantly that it was not the fau...
Jake Gyllenhaal In ‘Nightcrawler’ Reveals An L.A. On the Edge
Jake Gyllenhaal is starting to nail the delivery of vaguely unhinged characters whose outer actions mask disturbing interior lives. Last year he did it with the creepy cop chasing a kidnapper in ̶...
Kristen Wiig's ‘Welcome to Me’ – Comedy, Tragedy, Nudity
Of all the films that came to Toronto International Film Festival looking for distribution, Shira Piven's dark comedy “Welcome to Me” stands one of the best chances of getting a deal, ...
Director Barry Levinson on Hollywood: ‘No Studio Would Make ‘Rain Man’ Today’
The venerable director Barry Levinson has come to the Toronto International Film Festival with “The Humbling,” a powerful study of an actor in decline, starring Al Pacino as the stage star...
Toronto Film Review: ‘The Dead Lands’
Violence may not be the answer, but it sure kills a lot of screen time — and personnel — in Toa Fraser's muscular if monotonous tale of pre-Colonial Maori tribal war, "The Dead Lands."
Bill Murray Day in Toronto Ends With A Sweet ‘St. Vincent’
Bill Murray Day at the Toronto International Film Festival started out hot and muggy — but by the time the day-long celebration concluded with the world premiere of “St. Vincent,” an...
Toronto Film Review: ‘Over Your Dead Body’
While his movies have occasionally exhausted viewers, no one has ever accused Nippon maverick Takashi Miike of boring them. They will, however, after this pretty but lifeless mix of Kabuki drama and c...
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Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Jon Hamm Raise Money for Cancer Research at Emotional (and Funny) Event
"Without the research that's being done, I wouldn't be alive right now," Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said of Stand Up to Cancer's effortsread more
Toronto Film Review: ‘The Sound and the Fury’
While his ambitions frequently exceed his reach — sometimes by a substantial distance — James Franco gets an undeserved amount of grief for his various auteurist projects.
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Paul Mazursky Remembered by Mel Brooks, Richard Dreyfuss at Memorial Service
"The best capturer of human behavior on film was Paul"read more
Toronto Film Review: ‘The Drop’
For all the moderately surprising twists served up in the Brooklyn bar-noir "The Drop," the big revelation turns out to be no revelation at all: Man, that Tom Hardy can act.