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'Far From Men' ('Loin des hommes'): Venice Review
Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb star in this Algeria-set Camus adaptation with Western touches from French director David Oelhoffen read more
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'X Factor' U.K. Season Debut Ratings Rise
Simon Cowell's return as a judge boosts the ITV show above its 2013 and 2012 premiere figuresread more
Amazon Pilots Ranked Best to Worst (Season 3): Whit Stillman & Steven Soderbergh Compete for Your Votes
While still trying to find their consensus breakout hit -- could it be "Transparent," set to debut in September, or perhaps "Bosch," expected in 2015? -- Amazon is pushing forward ...
Believe It or Not: ‘The Greatest American Hero’ Joins TV’s Parade of Remakes
Stephen J. Cannell’s “The Greatest American Hero” is suiting up for a revival at Fox, a network that didn’t exist during the show’s initial run on ABC in 1981-83. The qui...
Telluride Review: Benedict Cumberbatch Carries Uneven WWII Drama 'The Imitation Game'
The movies love to remind us that brilliant minds are often the most tortured. Far be it from Morten Tyldum to suggest any differently in "The Imitation Game," a World War II procedural deta...
Telluride Film Review: ‘The Imitation Game’
Nothing is encrypted in “The Imitation Game,” a veddy British biopic of prodigal mathematician and WWII codebreaker Alan Turing.
Telluride Review: Nick Broomfield's Powerful 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper' Puts a Serial Killer in Unique Light
British documentarian Nick Broomfield is a frequent presence in his projects, which is often distracting when he has nothing to do with them. In "Tales of the Grim Sleeper," however, the ebu...
Venice Film Review: ‘Manglehorn’
Al Pacino does big and larger-than-life better than any thesp working today. But “Manglehorn” is a fragile, smaller-than-life portrait.
Vote for Project of the Week: Will It Be 'Power of Love,' 'Song the Zombie Sang,' 'Florence' or 'Kitty's 9 Lives'?
The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a creative consultation...
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Venice: Al Pacino Speaks About Depression
‘The Humbling’ director Barry Levinson also shares memories of Robin Williamsread more
Review: ‘The Two Faces of January,’ Starring Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen, Is Not Your Typical Patricia Highsmith Adaptation
[Editor's Note: This post is presented in partnership with Time Warner Cable Movies On Demand in support of Indie Film Month. Today's pick is "The Two Faces of January," which...
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'Manglehorn': Venice Review
Al Pacino stars as a small-town locksmith in a self-imposed emotional prison in David Gordon Green's intimate character portraitread more
Venice Film Review: ‘In the Basement’
Corpulent sex slaves, tuba-playing Nazi obsessives, reborn doll fantasists — just a regular stroll through the neighborhood, then, for patented guru of the grotesque Ulrich Seidl, who makes an intri...
Venice Reviews: Al Pacino Achieves Late-Career Greatness in ‘Manglehorn'; Bogdanovich and Levinson, Not So Much
Probably the only director of this generation who's ever going to be produced by both Terence Malick and Judd Apatow, David Gordon Green has proven time and again that he doesn't need much plo...
Venice Film Review: ‘Three Hearts’
At the outset of his filmmaking career, Benoit Jacquot worked as an assistant director to the great French novelist Marguerite Duras, and now he has made a film that feels more indebted to her romanti...
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Telluride: 'Rosewater' Director Jon Stewart Receives Hero's Welcome
The popular funnyman dropped by the Rockies for the world premiere of his feature directorial debut, which he shot during his 2013 hiatus from 'The Daily Show'read more
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'The Imitation Game': Telluride Review
Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing in Morten Tyldum's film about the eccentric prodigy who cracked the Enigma code read more
Tripled California Film-TV Tax Credit Heads to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Desk
A bill to more than triple California’s film-TV tax credit program from $100 million to $330 million a year has cleared its final legislative hurdle and is headed for the desk of Gov. Jerry Brow...
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Telluride: Benedict Cumberbatch Leads Weinstein's 'Imitation Game' Into Oscar Fray
The Brit, who bagged his first Emmy this week, now looks poised to snag his first-ever Oscar nomination for his performance as WWII hero Alan Turingread more
Telluride Film Review: ‘Tales of the Grim Sleeper’
The Los Angeles Police Department’s famed motto, “to protect and to serve,” has rarely sounded as hollow as it does during Nick Broomfield’s “Tales of the Grim Sleeper.”