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Amazon Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming
E-tailer giant Amazon is set to launch an ad-supported streaming service using its original content (which recently entered a second crowdsourced "season" of new shows) and music videos, a...
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Surviving Jack: TV Review
Can the show survive Fox?read more
Watch: Trailer for Weinstein Company's French Cop Comedy 'On the Other Side of the Tracks'
From "Lethal Weapon" to "Rush Hour," the cop comedy has never failed to mismatch its leading duo for the sake of good laughs and even better chemistry. Now it looks as though the Weinstein Company wil...
Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning Plot the Death of a Dam in ‘Night Moves’ Trailer (Video)
Jesse Eisenberg has stolen the idea for a billion-dollar social network, dealt drugs and magically robbed banks on the big screen. But before audiences see him as the ultimate criminal mastermind, Lex...
Film Review: ‘Tonnerre’
Vincent Macaigne navigates a rock musician's downward spiral in Guillaume Brac's engrossingly nuanced character study.
West End Review: ‘I Can’t Sing’
This sloppy, boisterous "X Factor" spoof is a splashy, flashy tonal mess that just about succeeds.
Lindsay Lohan Protests ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale by Hammering It Up (Video)
Lindsay Lohan really isn't happy about the imminent end of “How I Met Your Mother.” The actress, who is set to guest star on the April 14 episode of sibling sitcom “2 Broke Girls...
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Facebook's Goodfellas Moment
So brands, it turns out, are not people after all—at least on Facebook. The social media giant moved last week (and actually has been moving for some time) toward restricting the organic...
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Fourth Person Dies From Injuries in SXSW Crash
DeAndre Tatum is the fourth fatality after a car plowed into a crowd on a blocked-off road in Austin during more
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CinemaCon: Warner Bros. Teases 'Jersey Boys,' Final 'Hobbit'; 'Godzilla' Wows
"As other studios cut back, we are looking to expand our franchises and release as many films a year as ever," said Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. CEO Kevin Tsujihara in his first appearance at the c...
Watch: Trailer for the Jean Dujardin Sex Comedy 'The Players'
Two years after its debut in France, Jean Dujardin's follow-up role to his Oscar-winning performance in "The Artist" is coming to America. Titled "The Players" ("Les Infideles"), the film is being dis...
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Amazon to Launch Free Streaming Service (Report)
UPDATED: The company denies a Wall Street Journal report, saying that "we have no plans to offer a free streaming media service."read more
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'X-Men: Days of Future Past': Decoding CinemaCon's Time-Traveling Clip (Analysis)
New footage suggests that Wolverine isn't the only time-traveling character in Bryan Singer's new movie -- but what does that tell us about the story?read more
‘Duck Dynasty’ Finale Suffers Huge Drop From Last Season Ender
The Season 5 finale of A&E's “Duck Dynasty” quacked a little more quietly than last season's capper. Wednesday night's “Duck Dynasty” season finale drew 6 milli...
George R.R. Martin Publishes Unseen Chapter of New ‘Game of Thrones’ Book
When you play the game of thrones, you have the book readers and the show watchers. But Thursday morning author George R.R. Martin gave the readers a special present: an unseen chapter from his upcomi...
Film Review: ‘Ectotherms’
The Florida sun has rarely seemed harsher than it does in “Ectotherms,” a bristling, defiantly lo-fi debut feature from multi-tasking filmmaker Monica Pena that offers a pithily poetic vie...
Obamacare Enrollment Tops Six Million as Deadline Looms
More than 6 million people have now signed up for private insurance plans under President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law known as Obamacare, reflecting a surge in enrollments days befor...
‘Nobles’’ Alazraki, Zimbron Create Alazraki Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)
GUADALAJARA – Adding another significant player to the companies working the U.S./Mexico interface, Gary Alazraki, director of “We Are the Nobles,” and former Warner Bros. exec Leonardo Zimbron,...
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Doner Wins Meijer's Media Business
Regional grocery chain Meijer has shifted its media account after a review. Doner Media in Southfield, Mich. will handle planning and buying for the retailer, which is based in Grand Rapids, Mich. ...
Box Office: ‘Noah’ Poised to Ride Tide to $40 Million Stateside Bow
The day of reckoning is nigh for Paramount’s Biblical tentpole “Noah,” which looks to ride a wave of recent controversy and solid overseas grosses into Stateside plexes, projected to...